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Tier 1 Investor Visa Not Suspended

The tier 1 Investor visa, which provides a fast track route to settlement for people willing to invest at least 2 million in the UK for a few years, was to be suspended from midnight 6 December 2018 until some time in 2019. However and somewhat mystifyingly, the Govt has backtracked.


EU mobility rights within the EU of non-EEA nationals

Since the concept of EU citizenship was introduced in 1993 with the Maastricht Treaty, the European Union has come a long way in protecting the rights of EU citizens who exercise free movement to live, work or study in another Member State


Brexit and GDPR: What do I need to know?

As we hurriedly approach the March 2019 Brexit deadline, organisations in the United Kingdom and abroad are still ironing out the wrinkles in their new data protection standards and policies


EU citizens’ living in the UK

After much deliberation and anticipation, the UK government has now reached an agreement with the European Union on the rights of EU citizens leading up to and following Brexit.