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Restructuring and Reorganisation

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You should periodically review your business structure with your tax advisors and lawyers to confirm that it is the most tax efficient, that your business assets are protected and any personal liability is limited.

You may also need to restructure your share capital to reflect changing positions within your company, new investors or exiting shareholders, and we can help you comply with the Companies Act 2006 in all respects.

You may need advice on insolvency options and procedures and we can put you in touch with experienced insolvency practitioners wherever necessary.

We can assist with:

  • Incorporation of parent, holding and subsidiary companies;
  • Reorganisation of assets through hive-up and hive-across agreements;
  • Re-registration from private to public company and vice versa;
  • The conversion from sole trader to partnership or limited company;
  • The conversion from partnership to LLP or limited company;
  • The procedures to comply with the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006;
  • Advice on insolvency options, procedures and directors’ duties;
  • Share buybacks and reduction of share capital;
  • Sub-division and consolidation of share capital;
  • Creation of new classes of share and re-designation.

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