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French Employment Law

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French employment law is complex and technical.  It regularly evolves and is significantly more employee-friendly than equivalent English or US law.  For these reasons, it is strongly recommended to seek advice before entering into a French employment relationship.

We provide French employment law advice through our established local service provider to supplement our English and German employment legal services and support your expansion in Europe.

In France, employment relationships are regulated by statute, the employment contract, customs and practices, and also Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).  We can prepare lawful French employment contracts and help you with any day-to-day issues which arise. The employment contract must be in French though it is possible to have an English version alongside.

The law is usually divided into two branches, individual and collective relationships, and we can assist you with both. We can advise on applicable CBA requirements for the employment contract and also advise on how to deal with worker’s representatives, works councils or union’s representatives.

Restrictive covenants are often not enforceable in France and need to be carefully drafted to be compliant with French law and to protect you as far as possible.

Termination of employment is not straightforward and must adhere to a specific procedure and fulfil a number of legal requirements. Whether a dismissal, a redundancy or a mutual termination, we can advise you and provide you with all relevant documentation.

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