Coronavirus: the “Birdbox” reality:

Following the lockdown announcement, the majority of us should now be grounded and setting up a base at home. The loss of interaction and routine can leave a lot of us feeling anxious, depressed and uneasy. During these uncertain times, we must maintain some level of routine.

We humans are creatures of habit; not having a routine can be extremely disorientating. With a positive outlook and the optimistic attitude that this period will not last forever, this period of enforced “isolation” should be used to maximise productivity.

We have summarised some tips below which we believe may help you during this period:

1)   Maintain Routine and structure:

Maintaining a routine does not require the timetabling of your workweek unless your work requires you to do so. It is about mirroring your work routine but from home. Therefore, finding a quiet place to work in your home would be beneficial. We have listed a few tips below which may help:

 Wake up early, at least 30 minutes before you start to work;
 Get dressed and ready to take on the day or stay in your pyjamas whatever works for you!;
 Plan a “to-do” list;
 Make your tea/coffee/cereal;
 Maintain contact with your colleagues- if you can’t share the office jokes face to face, ensure you share them by virtual means.

Lunch breaks can be used to try and make a healthy recipe, planning meals can also reduce boredom and further develop an individual’s culinary skills.

Periods where work may not be as busy, can be used to consolidate your knowledge within your field keeping up with any updates published.

2) Pick up a new hobby in your downtime:

In order to avoid boredom, the brain must remain stimulated. So it may now be a good time to pick up a hobby such as playing an instrument etc.

3) De-clutter to De-stress:

It’s the start of spring, what a perfect time to de-clutter our homes! Some people can find it cathartic to clear out their homes during this period.

4) Exercise:

We are permitted to leave the house for one form of exercise a day i.e walk or run. Provided we maintain and respect the social distancing guidelines this can be a great opportunity to get some fresh air.

Some gyms are offering online classes which are a great way of ensuring those endorphins pumping!

5) Maintaining contact with our friends and family:

It is important to ensure we maintain contact with our friends; we are all in the same boat right now and sharing feelings and relying on them for support will help maintain a level of normalcy during this period.

6) Spend time with our fur friends:

Our fur-friends are of course thrilled by the idea that their “hoomans” will be at home all the time! Having a pet around can also provide a sense of assurance that you aren’t alone.

7) Keeping up with memes:

Laughter is the best medicine. Keeping up with the viral memes can provide us with a bit of light-hearted humour for the day!

This is now the time for us to be as productive as possible, this should be easily achieved given the removal of our daily commute. It’s important to realise you are not alone during this period- rely on friends and family or simply seek comfort in the fact that there are millions of individuals in the same boat.

We will get through these unprecedented times and we should try to remain positive throughout!

Sonum Behar