Hello I am Tom Redfern, senior partner of Redfern Legal LLP. We used to be called F&L Legal and went about a brand and office location change at the end of July 2013. We are very much the same people though.

With the introduction of this new website, we have decided to start up a blog. I am doing the first blogs and they are on the subject of immigration. In the future, I and my colleagues will be covering other topics.

I am on the West coast of the USA this week for work. Why is it that 8 hours time difference is so much more difficult to handle when you get back to the UK than 5 hours on the East coast side? What is the quickest way to re-assimilate to UK time?  I guess it makes sense to change my watch to be on West coast time, but a part of me wants to keep it on UK time so I think I am one step ahead for when I get back.