Hong Kong visa – Leave Outside the Rules deadline fast approaches:

Since our previous blog on this subject, the Home Office has announced a further temporary change to the British National (Overseas) Visa until 19th July 2021. Up until this date, individuals can make an application to enter the UK on “ Leave Outside the Rules”:

You can enter the UK on ‘Leave Outside the Rules’ until 23:59 on 19 July 2021. From 20 July 2021, if you want to come to the UK, you should apply for the BNO visa and wait for a decision before you travel. If you don’t, you might not be allowed to enter the UK.

This change is in response to a National Security Law imposed by China against Hong Kong’s democracy movement.

As a recap, individuals who are eligible to apply are as follows:
– As a BN(O) passport holder or as a;
– Dependant of their household.

Please note applications for a household member visa must be tied to an application by a BN(O) status holder.

After 20th July 2021, individuals will be expected to remain in Hong Kong while their applications are pending.

Should you wish to discuss the matter further, please get in touch.

Sonum Behar    email:sbehar@redfernlegal.com