Launching Your Business – Our Services

This note focuses on some of the legal services and general assistance that Redfern Legal can provide to your business during the various stages of launching your business and our approach. In the early stages of the life of a business it is critical to get the right legal advice to avoid problems down the road which could have a material adverse effect on your business.

Our Services

We can assist you with a review of your business plan and investor presentations and general guidance around how you will need to approach investors under the UK financial promotion regime and the documentation you should have in place before you discuss your plans with investors.

After investors have been identified, we can assist you in the negotiations of the various agreements your business and the project requires to get it successfully off the ground and we can subsequently manage the execution and completion of the legal documentation for you. Our services to your business may include, but are not limited to, the following legal documents that are common in connection with fundraising and generally getting a business off the ground:

• company formation
• confidentiality agreements
• investment and share subscription agreements
• shareholders’ agreements
• articles of association
• partnership agreements
• loan agreements and related security documents
• consultancy contracts
• employment contracts
• immigration and visa applications
• customer and supplier terms and conditions
• policies for data protection
• trade-mark registrations
• domain-name registration
• Intellectual Property Licence Agreements (for e.g. software, trademarks)

Entrepreneurs Based Overseas

For entrepreneurs based overseas wishing to set up business in the UK, we can assist you with advice on how best to approach this challenging stage of your business and the various immigration rules that apply.

If you are an entrepreneur or founder of an innovative business based overseas you may be eligible for UK government support to help you move your business to the UK and we can assist you with more information about the support that would be available to you.

Finally, we can manage other advisors required for your project (e.g. law firms overseas and tax advisors) for you to ensure a smooth transition and letting you focus your time on managing your business.

Redfern Legal Approach

We offer initial free consultations to discuss the services we can provide to your business and identify what you will need to get your business off the ground from a legal perspective.

We recognise that managing costs is very important and we can deliver many of the legal documents listed above at a competitive fixed price. We would assist you with prioritising your legal requirements and break down those requirements into separate fixed-price deliverables to enable you to better manage your legal costs.

For further information about the services outlined in this note please feel free to contact Tom Redfern for initial free consultations.