New Scale Up Visa

The Scaleup Visa is a new proposed visa route with a planned launch of April 2022. Whilst the details are yet to be formally announced, the Home Office has given some information with regards to the requirements for the eligible businesses and the potential visa candidates.

Offered through the Points Based System that already exists, the main attraction of this visa route is it will be a “fast track” route – there will be no obligation for the business to hold a Sponsor Licence. This will make this an “unsponsored points-based route”. It should cut down on the administrative costs of employing overseas staff and should simplify the application process.

The Business Requirements
As the visa name suggest, this route will be only open to Scaleup businesses. The UK government defines this as a company that has experienced 20%+ annual growth in turnover or employee numbers over the past three years.

Whilst the evidential requirements are yet to be published, we speculate that the Home Office may identify the businesses eligible to employ overseas staff through this route via the Scaleup Visible Companies List.

The eligible business must also already employ a minimum of 10 staff and the position offered to the candidate must also be highly skilled, with a minimum salary of £33,000 pa offered, an increase on the minimum salary requirement under the normal Skilled Worker points-based system route of £25,600 pa.

The Applicant
The applicant will be required to meet the minimum expectations in respect of professional and educational qualifications under the usual framework of the points based system. As well as the mandatory requirement of demonstrating proficiency in English speaking and listening, this visa will look to attract the highly qualified and exceptional performers in their field and may prove a good option for individuals who cannot receive the relevant endorsement for the Global Talent Visa, and who have a job position secured in the UK.

We look forward to further details being published by the Home Office.

Daniel Kilby
Immigration Adviser