Corporate Administration

In co-operation with our Company Secretarial team, we advise on the numerous aspects of company law, in particular the Companies Act 2006, with which companies must abide when carrying out one-off matters.Our company lawyers will ensure, with careful review of a company’s articles of association and the relevant law, that all resolutions are passed at board and shareholder level and the necessary documents in support are prepared.  We will instruct you on the procedures to follow, attending meetings where necessary, and make all Companies House filings to complete these.We can assist companies with the following:
  • The calling and holding of general meetings;
  • The requirements for and passing of different types of resolution;
  • Changes of company name and registered office;
  • The maintenance of company registers;
  • The appointment and removal of auditors;
  • The declaring and payment of dividends;
  • The amendment of existing articles of association or adoption of new articles;
  • The allotment of shares and ensuring compliance with any pre-emption rights;
  • Share buybacks and reduction of share capital;
  • Sub-division and consolidation of share capital;
  • Creation of new classes of share and re-designation; and
  • Re-registration from private to public company and vice versa.

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