Shareholder Rights

Shareholders holding ordinary shares have a range of rights by which they can govern the operation of their company.  The main rights include the rights to receive notice of, attend and vote at general meetings and the rights to receive dividends and distributions on a winding up.  Shareholders holding other types of share, such as non-voting, weighted voting, preference or redeemable shares may have additional or more limited rights.
Our company lawyers can advise on these rights and what action may be taken in respect of each of them.

Where the company has one or more “rogue” directors, acting outside their powers, we can advise on the shareholders’ ability to remove them or any shareholder power to control directors’ actions.  Where the company’s affairs are being managed in a manner which is unfairly prejudicial to one or more shareholders, we can assist with disputes between the parties and the making of any petition for a court order to rectify the situation.

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