Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Where your intellectual property is not protectable by registration or by right, but lies in the value of certain information or trade secrets, secrecy is paramount to protect its value.  Once disclosed, there may be little you can do to recover the situation and remedies may be unobtainable or insufficient to cover your losses.
Confidential information might include, for example, formulae, recipes, processes, business methods, customer data and lists, financial or statistical information, inventions prior to patent registration or business plans.

Properly drafted NDAs covering all the necessary bases should be prepared and signed with any party with whom you wish to discuss your confidential information.  These are particularly important with joint ventures and commercial collaborations, especially for research and development purposes where intellectual property will be created.

We can advise on the safest and most appropriate methods to protect your confidential information, using NDAs, confidentiality provisions in Heads of Terms, and undertakings and covenants in other agreements.

Our Employment team can advise specifically on the protection of confidential information and the use of restrictive covenants in an employment contract to protect your trade connections, confidential information, trade secrets, and the stability of your workforce.

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