Corporate Finance and Investment

If you are investing your own funds into a business or company, whether personally or through an investment company, you will want to be sure that you understand all relevant issues and risks before you give authority to complete.  We will carry out a due diligence exercise to address your concerns and report to you on our findings to put you in that position.  We will negotiate the investment and shareholders’ agreements to add any protections and additional powers and restrictions you require.If the business is your own or part of a management buy-in or buy-out, we will work with institutional investors such as private equity houses and venture capitalist firms to secure the finance you need to grow, whist negotiating the documents so that you give away no more than you need to.

In terms of finance agreements, we can prepare, negotiate and, where necessary, register finance and security documents including legal charges, debentures, guarantees, loan and convertible loan note instruments.

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