Termination of Employment

Terminating an employee’s employment can be a difficult process, particularly if handled badly. We can advise you how the situation should be handled and provide you with options to achieve the least disruptive solution for you.
Non-compliance with dismissal procedures and incorrect interpretation of documentation can expose you to potential Employment Tribunal claims, such as wrongful or unfair dismissal and we can steer you within the boundaries to reduce that risk.  Where appropriate, we provide commercial risk evaluations to enable you to make decisions to prevent or settle claims.

If you are downsizing, we can advise on redundancy and related consultation procedures and provide timelines for you to handle the process.

To supplement our advice, we prepare all relevant documentation, such as termination letters, consultation warning and meeting letters, and settlement agreements.

We also act for employees in giving the statutory advice required for settlement agreements and the negotiation of such agreements and termination packages.

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