Data Protection

Data is often a valuable asset to a business, for example a customer database. On the other hand, collecting and processing personal data attracts legal obligations and this is an increasingly important consideration for businesses.
All businesses have responsibilities to keep employees’ and customers’ data safe from being lost or stolen to prevent fraud and identity theft. The regulatory body (the Information Commissioner’s Office) can impose large fines and take other measures for non-compliance with the rules.

UK and European legislation also require additional steps to be taken before information can be sent outside the UK or European Economic Area as applicable and we can help to ensure that you comply with the legislation by reviewing your contractual terms and conditions and your data protection protocols.

We can help you to understand the steps to secure the personal data you hold, the use of cookies, to comply with your obligations regarding the processing of personal data, particularly via a website or where subcontracted to a third party, and to ensure that you have any necessary data transfer arrangements in place. In particular we can assist with preparation of privacy and cookies policies.

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