Trade Marks and Branding

Brand protection is essential in an unforgiving global market and our team can advise on how best to achieve this.

A trade mark refers to a sign which distinguishes your goods or services from those of another business.  It could be the name of your business or brand, product or service, whether in word or logo form.  Alternatively, it could form part of your domain name, or be a picture, shape, sound, smell or colour.  Its value lies in enabling customers to recognise goods or services as yours and therefore to choose you over another trader.

Trade marks may be registered in the UK or EU-wide to give you the right to prevent others from using them for the goods or services for which they are registered without your consent.  This monopoly right may be renewed indefinitely and registration is an important step in protecting a key business asset. We can assist you with trade mark registration around the world.

For unregistered trade marks, the law of passing off provides a cause of action where another business uses your mark, provided your mark has goodwill and a reputation attached to it, and there is misrepresentation by the competitor and confusion in the marketplace.

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