UK Global Entrepreneur Programme

This note focuses on The Global Entrepreneur Programme, (GEP), a venture capital programme aimed at creating global companies from start-ups, using the United Kingdom as a strategic headquarters and base for international expansion. The GEP was set up in 2003 by UK Trade & Investment now known as Dept of International Trade.

For entrepreneurs based overseas wishing to set up business in the UK, Redfern Legal can assist you with advice on how best to approach this challenging stage of your business and the various immigration rules that apply.

Further, if you are an entrepreneur or founder of an innovative business based overseas, you may be eligible for UK government support to help you move your business to the UK and Redfern Legal can assist you with more information about the support that would be available to you.

The Global Entrepreneur Programme

 The Programme helps high-growth overseas companies relocate to the UK. If your business is eligible to benefit from the Programme, you can receive mentoring and business support to help you set up and scale your business from a UK global headquarters. The support from the Programme is free and includes:

  • mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs;
  • help to develop business plans;
  • assistance with relocating to the UK;
  • providing introductions to key networks including investors;
  • guidance on how to grow internationally;
  • continued help from DIT once located in the UK, especially around exporting; and
  • GEP participants are mentored by experienced entrepreneurs known as ‘dealmakers’, who are experienced in setting up, building, scaling and selling technology companies.

Your business qualifies for support if you are (i) an overseas-based entrepreneur and founder of an innovative technology business; and (ii) willing to relocate and establish the company’s global headquarters in the UK.

Further, your business must have (i) a potentially ground-breaking product or service based on unique technology (ii) a business plan outlining how the business can expand from a headquarter in the UK; (iii) a customer-validated product either already in the market or ready to launch; and (iv) a clear commercial proposition that addresses a large global opportunity.

For businesses that are not eligible for support under the Programme there may be other options open for Government support for expansion into the UK. Redfern Legal can assist you with more information about the support that would be available to you.

Our Approach

 We offer an initial free consultation to discuss the services we can provide to your business and identify what you will need to get your business off the ground in the UK from a legal perspective.

We recognise that managing costs is very important and we can deliver many of our legal services at a competitive fixed price. We would assist you with prioritising your legal requirements and break down those requirements into separate fixed-price deliverables to enable you to better manage your legal spending.

For further information about the Programme referred to in this note and how Redfern Legal can assist with the relocation of your business to the UK please feel free to contact Tom Redfern for an initial free consultation.